About SDSN

The Global SDSN Network

The global Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) promotes integrated approaches to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change, through education, research, policy analysis, and global cooperation.

SDSN was launched in August 2012 under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General, and is led by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, and works closely with United Nations agencies, multilateral financing institutions, the private sector, and civil society. It mobilizes global scientific and technological expertise from the academia, civil society, and the private sector to promote practical solutions for sustainable development, including the implementation SDGs and promoting climate change action. It engages scientists, engineers, business and civil society leaders, and development practitioners and promotes solutions initiatives that demonstrate the potential of technical and business innovation to support sustainable development. SDSN also builds a global network involving universities, civil society and companies to accelerate practical problem solving for sustainable development.

Until 2016, the SDSN Secretariat was hosted by the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Since July 2016, the SDSN Secretariat and the SDG Academy have been hosted by the SDSN Association, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. SDSN has offices in New York, Paris, and Kuala Lumpur.


Makerere University Uganda - Main Building

SDSN Uganda National Network

SDSN Uganda fosters global SDSN activities within Uganda by developing and promoting transformative solutions for sustainable development.

The roles of the SDSN Uganda National Network include:

  1. Mobilizing SDSN members in Uganda and coordinating the activities of the National Network
  2. Publicizing national and global SDSN activities amongst policymakers, private sector, and NGOs
  3. Building awareness and knowledge on SDGs and promoting national solutions initiatives
  4. Coordinating and contributing to the SDSN’s policy support to the Government of Uganda
  5. Organize annual national sustainable development meetings bringing together key actors in Uganda to identify and promote national solutions initiatives
  6. Conducting research on sustainable development solutions
  7. Building partnerships and conducting multi-stakeholder dialogues
  8. Advising policy and decision-makers in Uganda on sustainable development solutions

The National Network is hosted by Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Makerere University is a public university, and is the oldest and largest university in Uganda, and has a variety of disciplines and strong research and innovations in agriculture, business, computer science and information technologies, education, engineering, environmental, health sciences, humanities and social sciences and law. It therefore has internal capability and external links ideally placed to assist in promoting the aims of the SDSN.

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